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photo courtesy Jeff Cole -- 2009

Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter

May 2001
I bought it.
An abandoned derelict destined for the boneyard.
(or as the surveyor said...
"You've got a hull.")

May 2002.
Finished the rig rebuild, and I sailed her.
That was nice.

May 2008
I quit working for money, to finish up the boat,
sell my home and take off.
That's scary.

August 10, 2009
Everything I own is on the boat,
and I'm headed south.



1981 C&C Landfall 38, Hull #90 - new to me May 2001

... and when you hear that song, come crying like the wind,
it seems like all this life was just a dream...
... Stella Blue.

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photo courtesy Fred Street - 2009