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Balance and Symmetry

I love to sail because it is a lot like life...
There are things you can control, and things you can't control.
You can control the shape of your sails, you can control your heading...
you can control a lot of things.
You can't control the wind. You can't control the tide...
you can't control a lot of things.

The trick is to achieve balance and symmetry
by understanding what you can't control
and adjusting what you can to stay your course.

For that magic time the boat sails itself
and you get where you want to go without fighting, without trouble...
you sit back and eat a sandwich and drink a beer and
enjoy the day!

I love to sail because it is a lot like life...

Somewhere off the Baja coast.

(Photo courtesy s/v Proximity.)

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For many years, this was at the top of this page.
I wrote this little bit while my father was passing on,
and revised it endlessly during those nine months. It can stay here for a while.
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